Quintin Goynes is a unique, expert writer. He began this venture-in January of 2012-as a New Year’s resolution and a birthday gift to himself. Now, he utilizes his acquired gifts of writing, along with his education, as a guide to create motivating articles that keep the mind boggled. This is the move of a freelancer and he demands the challenge. Quintin Goynes has been a columnist, food writer, aircraft mechanic, book and magazine editor (intern), writing instructor’s assistant (self-employed), and transportation specialist (aviation/commercial). He is from Texas and Florida and lives on a long raceway in the outskirts with a convoy of buses. While deciding on his college major, his first novel– named “Mande”–has been called “Emotional, intense, and engrossing” by certain authors.

I am Quintin Goynes Sr. aka MITM.